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The Housing Choice Voucher program enables lower income families to live in decent and safe housing of their choice within the community. 


To initially qualify, the family’s income must be below 30% of the median income for the community. They remain on the program as long as they comply with program rules and their portion of the rent does not equal or exceed the total amount of rent.


The portion of rent the voucher holder will pay is based on approximately 30% to 40% of their income, depending on the rent charged for the unit.  When a family has a decrease in income, their portion may decrease.  When they have an increase, their rent will normally increase after a full 30 day notice is given to both the tenant and owner.


The balance of the rent is paid by the Housing Authority and directly mailed to the owner/agent on the last day of each month for the next month.


The first lease must be for one full year.  Leases may begin any time during a month but must end on the last day of month.  If you execute a lease for any other day before the first day of the month, the tenant will be responsible for the rent until the contract begins (on the first day of the month.) After the first year, the lease may be month-to-month.


  • You may charge the same deposit amount you would charge to other tenants.

  • Participants are responsible for paying the security deposit.

  • When the participant moves, you must follow state law regarding the return and/or notification of amounts kept from a security deposit.

  • If the deposit does not cover damages and/or unpaid rent, please send a copy of your final settlement statement to the agency.  Although we do not pay any of these costs, we will forward the debt to the participant. 

  • If a participant fails to clear a debt to a prior owner, they may not participate in the program (unless you fail to take all legal remedies.)


I’m moving.  Will my HAP check be forwarded to my new address?  

Our checks are not forwarded.  If you need your check sent to a new address, you must request the change in writing.  In order to protect you, we will only change addresses on the check from a written request.  On this website you can download an Owner’s Change Form.

Can you send my rent check to my bank?

Our agency can send an Owner’s payment directly to their bank.  On this website, you can download the Request for Direct Deposit

The tenant is breaking the lease.  When will OHA evict them? 

The program doesn’t evict tenants.  The owner is responsible for lease violations. If your tenant is breaking the lease, you should take appropriate action (three day to pay or vacate, three day to come in compliance with the lease, etc.) and send a copy to OHA.  We will counsel the tenant – which may or may not help. You may still have to take legal action if the problem isn’t corrected.

I have a vacant unit.  Can you send me a good tenant? 

The agency can list your unit in our available unit book, but we are not allowed to refer tenants to your specific unit.  In addition, we cannot tell you if the tenant is “good’ or “bad”.  

How can I put my rental unit on the program?

Quite often Owner’s call our agency and want to put their unit directly on our voucher program. The only way a unit can become subsidized under the Voucher Program is for a tenant to approach the owner and want to rent the unit. We have no ability to provide direct subsidy to Owner’s on the Housing Choice Voucher Program.

Can I rent to a member of my family?

The agency is unable to approve a unit if the owner is the parent, child, grandparent, grandchild, sister, or brother of any member of the family, unless the Housing Authority determines that approving the unit would provide reasonable accommodation for a family member who is a person with disabilities.

REMEMBER: You may only collect the total amount of rent per the contract or contract amendment.  Collecting rent above what was agreed to in the contract or contract amendment is considered federal fraud.

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